Next Generation Cyber Security

Next Generation Cyber Security

What is your business doing to secure access to your IT systems and data? Aeris Networks can develop a comprehensive end to end security strategy to help protect your business from the ever changing threats we face online today.

What is Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to the use of technology, business process, and education, designed to protect your corporate networks, data and systems from unauthorised access. Network and system security has always been an issue for businesses, with viruses, malware, hacking and social engineering having always been there. However generally incidents were far less common as many businesses were simply not connected in the way they are today. Poor password management processes, traditional antivirus, and limited encryption were, and still are common. Whilst the risk was there, many businesses were never a target as physical access was required.

In today’s world however, with everything now connected to the internet, the internet of things, cloud services, and the need for always on and always available access to data, these old practices simply do not measure up and put businesses at significant risk, with many ultimately being completely unprepared. We now have hackers for hire, malware and viruses on demand, ransomware holding your data hostage, and even governments attacking other countries. And all of this is happening remotely every hour of every day.

Why Cyber Security Services from Aeris Networks?

Aeris Networks believe in taking a holistic approach to cyber security by combining technology, education and business process to help protect and secure your business network. In the past cyber security was typically focused on a few key areas, network security with firewalls, and then antivirus for protecting endpoints, deploying what is often referred to as point solutions. More often than not these solutions did not communicate to each other, and in many cases were even managed by separate teams in larger organisations. With the threats today, we can no longer rely on these point solutions alone, we need each component to communicate together to detect, track and prevent threats.

Education is key in helping protect business networks. With the rise in ransomware, and increase in social engineering, teaching your staff good security practices greatly improves your security profile. Combined with consulting on business process and policy, promoting better password management, and general security practices, it raises the bar in terms of your businesses cyber security strategy.

With the rise in more complex and varied threats, the traditional model of security software has not been able to keep pace. Today’s threats require a next generation security solution. Aeris Networks leverage security solutions from a range of vendors that work together to provide an end to end security solution. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this new breed of security software goes far beyond traditional heuristics and definition based detection technology. Identifying unusual behavior and combining this with synchronized information from the firewall, the network, and the cloud, working together to detect and take down threats on your network.

Education specific IT strategy, training and project services for all areas of education, supporting teachers, staff and students in making the most of the latest technology.
Providing migration services, training, ongoing maintenance and general support for your Office 365 implementation.
Developing long term IT strategies with our clients to help drive their business and improve productivity whilst taking a balanced approach with cloud and on premise technology.
Managed services for your business IT, taking the headache out of managing your cloud, on premise and line of business systems.
Next generation security solutions taking on the latest cyber threats to protect your business.
Comprehensive cloud and on-premise backup solutions, protecting your data end to end.

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