Backup, DR and Archival Services

Backup, DR and Archive Services

Technology has enabled businesses to improve productivity, reduce costs and accelerate their development. However underpinning all of this technology is data, the data that powers your customer relationship management platform, your sales portfolio and your accounting system allowing you to bill customers and track costs. All of this data is critical to keep your business moving, so how are you protecting such a critical asset?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

As businesses invest and rely more in technology, the requirement for backing up the data that is generated becomes ever more critical. How would you function if you lost access to all of your sales and accounting data? How would you service customers? This is why it is critical to have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan, as it is rarely a case of if, but more a case of when will a failure happen.

Leveraging decades of combined experience, Aeris Networks can help your business develop a comprehensive backup and recovery solution. Utilising both on premise and cloud based backup solutions, with the latest image based backup technology to provide fast restore capabilities as well as long term backup retention. Combined with our managed services offerings, Aeris Networks can take the worry out of your backups.

Cloud Backups and Archiving

Do you remember the days of changing tapes each day, or swapping out hard drives, and keeping track of which tape or disk was where and for which day? We certainly do, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With cloud based backups you no longer need to swap out backup media, or deal with your offsite vault. Aeris Networks with our cloud backup product can provide your business with simple, cost effective offsite backups using cloud based storage. With backups replicated offsite on a schedule that fits your business, you can relax knowing that your backups are safe, and with data stored in Perth, available at short notice should the worst ever happen. Contact us now to discuss your offsite backup and archiving requirements.

Education specific IT strategy, training and project services for all areas of education, supporting teachers, staff and students in making the most of the latest technology.
Providing migration services, training, ongoing maintenance and general support for your Office 365 implementation.
Developing long term IT strategies with our clients to help drive their business and improve productivity whilst taking a balanced approach with cloud and on premise technology.
Managed services for your business IT, taking the headache out of managing your cloud, on premise and line of business systems.
Next generation security solutions taking on the latest cyber threats to protect your business.
Comprehensive cloud and on-premise backup solutions, protecting your data end to end.

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